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Export to all middle East , far East and middle Asian countries
Here , at sepid nylon mfg. co. , sale is not the end of a conclusion , but the beginning of a commitment

The company is ready to export nylon , nylex , cellophane , freezer and garbage sacks (packaging , in bulk or separate sacks) , disposable gloves, dinner cloth, metallize and other products to Azerbaijan , Armenia , Pakistan , Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan , Iraq , Kuwait , UAE , Qatar and other neighbourhood countries.

Its also ready to conclude contracts with the merchants, organizations, companies, natural & legal persons , applicants for export in the middle East, Tehran and other Iranian cities.

Also, its ready for pre-sale of said products for their export to said countries.

Merchants, dealers and and applicants of said countries may call the salesmen and export experts of company for contract conclusion. Benefitting from the best investment route, the company shall supply the long-term goals of its honorable clients, that is better operation and economical work continuity.

We welcome the clients who consider the quality as basis of the work . We believe that quality brings permanent industry. We work with the mass production in a different quality in mind to reach and win the world quality.

Export services of company :
1 - Performing the export affairs and orders of clients, cargo release in west customs to the border of destination.
2 - Coordinating with the client and his/her agent for delivery of orders in border of destination.
3 - Paying the freight up to the joint border by the company.
4 - paying the export and customs duties at border of origin by the company
5 - Procuring the transporter from transport cite, in coordination with a valid transport agency , and providing a safe insurance.
6 - sending the orders by the commerce card of Sepid Nylon mfg. Co. with a high assurance regarding the observance of regulations and customs laws


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